• tiers of wedding cake

  • hand made steak and veg pasties

  • gala shaped pork pie of various flavours

  • Pork , Chicken and Ham Cold Cutting Pie

  • 5inch picnic pork pie and oblong meat pie

  • Game Pie

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Quality handmade pies & quiches, lovingly crafted with fresh British ingredients from recipes old and new!

Selected Meats – Passionately Made Stuffed Full of Goodness

Our pies and quiches

Steak and Ale Pie

Our pies and quiches

Chicken and Ham Pie

Our pies and quiches
Our pies and quiches

Sausage rolls - 3 flavours

->Special West Country blend of pork
->West Country pork and apple
->West Country pork and caramelised onion